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This page features testimonials for my ballet class music albums: Ballet Etudes, Etudes II and Ballet Class Music: Etudes Volume 3. These albums are designed for ballet class instructors and ballet students, and formatted to cover a complete class, with barre and center floor practice.

Available for
$9.99 on iTunes, or $17.95 for CD (CDs in stock). Streaming via Spotify, Apple Music and others now available, as well as piano sheet music for all three albums.

Ballet Etudes (released 2000)

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“I recently received your CD Ballet Etudes & can’t tell you enough how inspired I am by your
music! I really am enjoying listening & dancing to your music.”

– Jessica Evans, New Jersey, 8/27/00

“I used it for my adult class this evening, the ladies loved it!”
– Fiona Ellwood, Mount Airy, MD, 3/01/01

“The music is beautiful. I really love it.”
– Carol Puckett, Madison, WI, 5/10/01

“Thank you! I love it!”
– Mandy Tanner, Hudson, NH, 5/12/01

I have received the CD, and I love it!. . . You are a wonderful composer. . . Even though your
style is geared to ballet, you make sure that the rhythms are correct and that the melodies
are uplifting and that the phrasing makes sense.”

– Dina Raker Vail, The Woodlands, TX, 7/18/01

“. . . I wanted to compliment you for a thoughtfully conceived and beautifully done project. It
will be most helpful in my classroom!”

– Kelley Seagle, Shelby, NC, 8/22/01

“I just wanted to let you know that I have been using your CD the past two weeks and I love it.
I find it very inspirational, I like the fact that there is short versions and long versions of the
same pieces. . . I found that I am ONLY using your CD for many of my classes. Reason being is
that all the music I need is all on the ONE CD which is very convenient for me to have right at
my fingertips.”

– Julia Mounsteven, Brampton, Ontario, 9/16/01

“I had to write and tell you what a wonderful CD this is. . . The music speaks to you. As a former
member of Joffrey and Elliot Feld Ballet Co. it is hard to find music that will challenge you.
My students are responsive and can’t wait for the next class.”

– Monica Digrindakis, Wayne, NJ, 10/01/01

“I just wanted to write to you to say thanks for an extremely usable CD! My students love it as
an alternative to the syllabus music. The dynamics and phrasing in the adagio pieces are
inspiring to students and teachers. We really appreciate the consistent tempi of the allegro
pieces! We look forward to another equally enjoyable class with Mr. Long’s music.”

– Margaret Engle, Charlottesville, VA, 12/15/01

“I recently purchased Ballet Etudes and have enjoyed it tremendously. I especially appreciate
the large number of selections you include in just one CD. Your compositions are musically
interesting, and inspire true “dancing”.”

– Natalie Packer, McKinney, TX, 3/7/02

“I love it!!! It is definitely for a more advanced level, but would help any beginning class
to appreciate fluid movement.”

– Norma Pedrigon, Wilmington, CA, 5/31/02

“It is so beautiful and inspiring and also motivating for the dancers.”
– Martin Breitschaft, Augsburg, Germany, 8/29/02

“The CD arrived safely and I just love it. The music is perfect for my studio, but also for
just enjoying. . . The music is not only beautifully played but also beautifully recorded. . .
Thanks again for such a quality product in every way.”

– Helen Cunningham, Nashville, TN, 9/11/02

“I received my CD a few days ago and I absolutely love your compositions. . .
thanks so much for your exquisite recording.”

– Charla McKiel, Coppell, TX, 10/02/02

“I just had to tell you that your compositions, and the rich quality of the recording is
absolutely the best I have ever come across!. . .the music gets my students so excited,
they get all chatty and giggly. . . But boy do they dance!. . . I LOVE the fondue tango. . .”

– Christine Mills-Peet, Cedar City, UT, 1/07/03

“I’m so thrilled with it! It’s perfect for me and the gymnasts I’m working with. . .
It’s been a pleasure doing business with you.”

– Melissa Kielpinski, Tehachapi, CA, 2/25/03

“Truly, I love the CD. . . I love the tempos & especially the alternate music. . .”
– Victoria Shiflet Kress, Colonial Beach, VA, 3/16/03

“I have owned and operated the Lisa DiGorio School of Dance . . . for 25 years,
and this is without a doubt one of the best ballet class recordings I have ever had!!”

– Lisa DiGorio Miller, Pleasant Hills, PA, 9/06/03

“It is brilliant and so inspiring!!”
– Sally Capps, Singleton, Kent, England, 1/20/04

“I just wanted to drop a quick note of thanks for your beautiful CD Ballet Etudes. I am a
Ballet Instructor at Ballet Conservatory in Florida and have been using your CD in class
for only one month. I found it inspirational and my class combinations have blossomed out
of your fantastic arrangements. The students especially the Dance Company young adults
have enjoyed your wonderful pieces. Not a class goes by without one of them commenting
on how much they enjoy dancing to your CD.”

– Gretchen Erickson, Niceville, FL, 2/25/04

“I am extremely pleased with your ballet CD! I was wanting new music for the company
pointe and ballet class and this is definitely it. I love the many choices, just what I was looking for.”

– Margie C Wallis, Dayton, TN, 3/26/04

“It is perfect for my classes and the music is simply beautiful.”
– Megan Hansen, Salt Lake City, UT, 8/15/04

“Your cd is going to be a wonderful addition to my music repertoire. . . I particularly like the
Prokofiev/Shostakovich edginess of several of the tendu/glisses cuts. . . I also love the use of
tango and ragtime for ballet combinations.”

– Elaine Dowling, Cleveland, OH, 12/11/04

“You must be or must have been a dancer, because you caught the spirit of each exercise perfectly.
Your music is pure remedy for the soul. . .”

– Sybille Carstens, Munich, Germany, 8/12/05

“Your CD, Ballet Etudes, is absolutely amazing. . . I have been teaching ballet about 9 years and this
is one of my favorite albums. What I like most about this is that you have multiple options for each
segment of class work. This is very hard to find and makes it easy to use one disc for multiple class levels.”

– Anthony J Foster, Instructor/Artistic Director, SoleUnique Dance Company, Aurora/Chicago, IL, 9/20/05

“Astounding and exquisite music!. . . Thank you so much for this breath of fresh air!!!”
– Nancy Gunther, Kitty Hawk, NC, 02/02/06

“I bought one of these a week or so ago for my 12 year old son and he loves it!!! In addition to
dancing 6 days a week he is now using your CD with his portable barre at home as well!!!”

– Felicia Nielson, New Windsor, NY, 04/29/06

“I’ve just started taking adult ballet classes a few months ago and I was searching for something to listen to
so I could practice in a studio on my own. This composition is exactly what I was looking for!
The barre songs are played twice and the music is beautiful.”

– Ashley Coughlin, Cambridge, MA, 11/17/06

“I would just like to thank you for your wonderful CD! I teach ballet classes to preschool age children for a community school,
and have been in search of some quality music to use for quite some time. After one class with your Ballet Etudes CD,
I am so excited to proceed with it, and know that I can use this for years to come. Your personable way you go about the orders
is also very much appreciated.”

– Lindsay Toews, Administrative Assistant, Central Abbotsford Community School, Abbotsford, BC, 11/12/08

“. . . your music is absolutely beautiful. It is perfect. The timing, the tempo, everything!”
– Karen Russell, Keene, ON, Canada, 02/03/10

“Ballet Etudes arrived yesterday and I have spent a pleasant morning working with it. It is far superior to the usual
plunk – thunk – of repurposed ballet music available for practice. You have a very nice appreciation of the dancer’s
need for personal and class accompaniment. Thank you for making this CD.”

– Jeanne Hecker, Sioux City, IA, 03/14/10

“I am a Music Teacher and Worship Arts Director at a church with a growing and wonderfully talented dance department.
While hunting for appropriate music to introduce the congregation to ballet during our Easter Presentation I came across
your Ballet Etudes (2000) Recording and was immediately thrilled by the innovative charm and delicate, yet rich textures
you used throughout these pieces. Thank you for making your work available to the public and please keep it all coming.”

– Joscelin Lockhart, Washington. DC, 03/02/11

“I appreciate the melodies of your music but over all the harmonic style.”
– Mario Giorgi, Italy, 11/06/19

“For one of the dances I am using the number “Sautes” from your
album Ballet Etudes. I find it delightful and perfect for the Petit
Allegro for the girls.”

– Thea Huijgen, Thea Huijgen Dance, Lopez Island, WA, 02/12/21

Etudes II (released 2005)

Download Ballet Class Music: Etudes II Album

“What LOVELY selections. . . and such FAST service. Your music is an inspiration to my dancers.”
– Pamela Crosby, Brockville, ON, 06/25/08

“The BEST CD I’ve ever taught with! My teenage students even say how good it is!”
– Katharine Loughlin, Wallingford, CT, 01/05/07

“You must be or must have been a dancer, because you caught the spirit of each exercise perfectly.”
– Sybille Carstens, Munich, Germany, 08/12/05

“Lovely music! It’s the next best thing to live accompaniment.”
– Krista Zomar, Norfolk, VA, 03/03/10

“Great CD. Very useful in my class!!”

– April Wiencek, Chicago, IL, 10/07/05

“Just to say how much I really enjoy your music, and keep up the amazing work!”

– Harriet Chung , Richmond Hill, ON, 06/29/08

“Your music is lovely and inspiring. It makes me want to move. I think you are extremely talented and I am enjoying this cd very much.”

– Sally Gunter, Duarte, CA, 03/31/08

“I work as a piano accompanist. I think it is not easy to compose music for ballet classes and I loved your compositions. Your music is very inspiring.”

– Alicia Hernández, Spain, 12/22/18

Etudes Vol 3 (released 2013)

Download Ballet Class Music: Etudes Volume 3 Album

“Lovely :0) really pleased! Thank you Robert.”

– D. Robertson, UK, 02/20/14

“Another excellent CD . . . delivered quickly”

– Francis J Ball, Somerset, UK, 06/18/13

“Your music is such a gift to the dance world and I’m very grateful to have access to it.”

– Ben Kaplan, Houston, TX, 11/09/21