Etudes Volume 3: Selection Structural Analysis & Listening Samples


  • Ballet Class Music: Etudes Volume 3″: 32 new piano selections for ballet class, composed and performed by pianist (33 selections in total)
  • Apple, amazon, Spotify, as well as CD,MP3 and sheet music options here on this site
  • Ballet class music for barre and centre practice, including pirouettes, adage, petit allegro, and grand allegro (barre selections played twice for classroom convenience)
  • Over 75 minutes of music!
  • Released in 2013, for teachers and students of ballet, early majors level, this album has fewer selections but many are longer, especially in grand allegro
  • Etudes Vol 3 available for $9.99 (MP3 format), or as low as $17.95 in CD format. (CDs in stock) Sheet music (PDF format) for $2.95 per selection, or $19.95 for the complete album

  • Selection structural analysis and music selection samples directly below

SIDE PRACTICE, at the BARRE ( barre selections 2-12 are played twice to provide music for both sides)

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