Etudes II: Selection Structural Analysis & Listening Samples

    original ballet class piano music

  • Etudes II: ballet class music for ballet instructors, dance professionals and ballet students
  • 38 original piano selections
  • Apple, amazon, and Spotify, domestic and international, as well as CD, MP3 and sheet music options here on this site
  • Music for barre and centre practice, including pirouettes, adage, petit allegro, batterie and grand allegro (barre selections played twice for classroom convenience)
  • Over 75 minutes of music!
  • Bonus feature: “E minor prelude” (track 50) unique full length piano piece for choreographic study
  • Available in MP3 format for
    $9.99; CDs as low as $17.95 (CDs in stock); Sheet Music (PDF format) for $2.95 per selection or $19.95 for complete album
  • Selection structural analsis as well as listening samples from ‘s second ballet class music album, Etudes II (directly below)

SIDE PRACTICE, at the BARRE (each barre selection is played twice
to provide music for both sides)

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