Ballet Class Music in MP3 Format | Etudes II

Ballet Class Music: Etudes II MP3

Ballet Class Music: Etudes II in MP3 Format

Ballet class music in MP3 format featuring original piano selections from Robert Long’s second album, Etudes II, for barre and center practice, including Pirouettes, Adage, Petit Allegro, Batterie and Grand Allegro.

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for each selection (the links are audio samples)
$9.95 for entire album (purchase at bottom of page)

A WORD OF EXPLANATION: When this album was created, it was designed to have barre selections playing twice so there would be music for both sides. However, when the album was formatted for compact disc, the repetitions were placed on following tracks, rather than within the same tracks.

Therefore, track 2 is identical to track 1, track 4 to track 3, and so on the the end of the barre.

So, for individual selections, only the odd numbered barre selections are offered, to avoid the problem of customers paying twice for the same piece of music.

Customers choosing to purchase the entire album: You will receive the entire album contents, with all barre repetitions included (identical to the CD).


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Etudes II Complete Album: $9.95 U.S.

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