Ballet and Ballet Music Posts

Courtesy of DanceTeacher Magazine, here's an article about insurance for ballet teachers and dance studios: The 6 Things Dance Teachers
Do ballet schools function better with a set syllabus? Or "open" classes created by the instructors? Or a bit of
Ballet studio owners are usually ballet teachers (and dancers), but running a successful studio involves many details that have nothing
Most ballet and dance studios offer a visitors' week, allowing parents, other relatives and friends a chance to view their
A good, conscientious ballet teacher will have very exacting standards for dance students to uphold. Any other approach would be
I am pleased to announce that my first ballet class music album, Ballet Etudes, is now available in PDF piano
From DanceTeacher Magazine, here's an article by Kathleen McGuire about some of the injury risks dancers may face with certain
Courtesy of DanceTeacher Magazine, professional dancer/instructor Haley Hilton recommends three important books for dance teachers. Topics covered include ballet history,
TDS Showplace is on Sunday May 26th, at Meadowvale Theatre, 6315 Montevideo Rd, Mississauga, ON. Tickets go on sale Monday,
Ballet pianists are always looking for something new to play for classes. I stumbled on to a possible selection while

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