Ballet and Ballet Music Posts

There are two selections for plies at the barre in my album Etudes Volume 3. This is the first one
This centre adage is from my Ballet Class Music: Etudes Volume 3 album. Many ballet music selections for class use
Ballet instructors have occasionally commented on the scarcity of selections in 9/8 time signature. With that in mind, I decided
My Etudes Volume 3 album features two selections at the barre for battements frappes and petits battements. This music might
Here's a listening sample from a selection on my Etudes Vol 3 album, "Balances en Tournant". By the way, I
Here's another selection sample from my third album, Ballet Class Music: Etudes Volume 3. This is the Ronds de Jambe
In the past, at various times I have posted videos of ballet teachers and dance students demonstrating their work to
I would like to present another selection from my album, "Ballet Class Music: Etudes Volume Three", This is the Battements
For many dance studios, the ballet class season begins in earnest in September. Just a reminder for pianists, I have
Here's another piece of mine; it's the 3/4 Lyrical Enchainement selection from Etudes Volume 3. This might work well for

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