Ballet and Ballet Music Posts

hSheet music from my Etudes Volume 3 album is now ready for the Grands Battements exercise at the barre. When
I have completed sheet music for the Adage in 3/4, center practice, from my "Ballet Class Music: Etudes Volume 3"
I am pleased to announce that a selection from my first album, Ballet Etudes, will be heard (very briefly) in
From the Grand Allegro section of "Ballet Class Music: Etudes Volume 3", this is a selection that might work well
I have another piece completed in sheet music format from my album "Ballet Class Music: Etudes Volume 3". This one
This is my podcast interview with Jolanta Oko of the Canadian National Academy of Dance Educators, discussing communication in class
My "Battements Glisses" selection (Etudes Volume 3 album) is now available in sheet music format. This one has a bit
It is my hope to have all of the selections from my Etudes Volume 3 album available in sheet music
Here's a selection from the Petit Allegro section of my Etudes Volume 3 album. This is the only selection on
One of these days I hope to complete all the selections of my Etudes Volume 3 album in sheet music

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