Ballet and Ballet Music Posts

I almost always write piano pieces with ballerinas and ballet students in mind, but this one kept giving me visions
This is a piece I "created" (came up with) while I was thinking of the many years I played piano
Pastorale in G is one of my new pieces, a moderato 3/4 in a lyrical style, possibly useful for pas
I have a new waltz available in sheet music for ballet practice or choreography. At a length of just under
I have added two new videos in Section One of my Videos page, which features ballet teachers and students exercises
I have a new ballet piano piece now available in sheet music, which might be useful for ballet choreography, perhaps
Here is a new adagio 4/4 for piano that may be useful for ballet choreography with advanced ballet students. "Sad
A new original piano piece is now available for ballet choreography. "Butterflies" was started in the late summer and completed
I have recreated a video of one of my "new" ballet class selections, "Adage in 6/8". This piece actually dates
I am pleased to announce that I have finally finished all of the selections from my Etudes Volume 3 album

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