Ballet Class Music by Robert Long ballet class piano sheet music

Ballet class sheet music: grand allegro waltz

My second waltz enchainement selection from the Etudes Volume 3 album is now available in sheet music format. This piece should work well for across the floor grand allegro exercises, such as grands jetes en tournant.

For ballet pianists, grand allegro waltzes can be a challenge. They call for a lot of energy after playing already for an hour or 90 minutes. Another problem, especially with a large number of students proceeding in groups of 2 or 3 at a time, is keeping the music “big” for an entire exercise, without repeating a passage over and over. Well written music usually presents contrast between loud and soft, large and small, brightness and reticence. The music won’t stay “big” from start to finish without interruption.

So I humbly hope this selection is of some assistance.

Here’s a listening sample: Waltz Enchainement 2

Sheet music available at: Piano Sheet Music For Ballet Class: Etudes Volume 3 (#27)

grand allegro waltz ballet class sheet music