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Ballet Piano Sheet Music: Coda

The term “Coda” is found in both music and ballet. For musicians, a coda is found at the end of a piece, as an extension of the music already presented. For ballerinas, the coda normally appears at the end of a section, like a pas de deux. But usually it’s an entirely separate music selection which doesn’t derive from the preceding pieces.

And it’s usually a dazzler, setting the stage for grand jetes, pique turns, fouette turns (leaps and bounds to most of us) in very spectacular fashion.

I now have sheet music for the second Coda selection from my Etudes Volume 3 album. It was recorded at a moderate tempo, with ballet students in mind, but as always instructors and pianists can set the speed to meet the class requirements.

Here’s a listening sample: Coda 2

Sheet music available at: Etudes Volume 3 Sheet Music (#31).

ballet class sheet music: Coda