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Grands Battements Sheet Music

Sheet music from my Etudes Volume 3 album is now ready for the Grands Battements exercise at the barre. When I was recording this piece, it was referred to (lovingly, of course) as “The Bag of Cement”. Listeners could be forgiven for thinking of it as beautiful pirouette music – for dinosaurs. But ballet dancers can testify that the grand battement exercise is quite a workout, engaging the large lower muscles for elevating the leg repeatedly. Hence the heavy and rather ponderous music.

This piece was designed for what dancers call the “accent in” grands battements (elevating the leg before the downbeat) but it may function for grands battements en cloche as well.

Here’s a listening sample: Grands battements

Sheet music available at: Grands Battements Sheet Music

grands battements sheet music
sheet music for grands battements