ballet media selections

Ballet Piano Selections for Media

Composer and Publisher: Donald Robert Long
Artist Name: Robert Long

Section A:

mid to quick tempo; catchy rhythms

1. “Ragtime with Attitude

Subtitle:Battements Tendus, Etudes Volume 3 Album
Meta Data: solo ragtime piano, attitude, tongue in cheek, humorous, in your face, stand-offish

2. “I’m late, where are the car keys?

Subtitle:Chaines, Etudes Volume 3 Album
Meta Data: solo classical piano, hectic, humorous, confused whirlwind, dizzy, going in circles, honey I’m late where are the car keys?

3. “Shuffle off to Buckhorn(full length)

Subtitle:Coupes Fouettes Raccourcis Sautes, Etudes II Album
Meta Data: solo piano shuffle, mischievous, humorous, impish, jaunty, flippant, giddy, prankish, playful, attitude

Section B:

slow to mid tempo; lyrical

1. “Gentle River Stream

Subtitle:Balances en Tournant, Etudes Volume 3 Album
Meta Data: solo piano, gentle, wistful, flowing, lyrical, river stream, peaceful, repose

2. “The Broken Dream(full length)

Subtitle:1st Adage
Meta Data: solo piano, despondent, dejected, lost, heart-broken, questioning, unsure, hopeless, lonely, desolate, sundered