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A Waltz for ballet class

Music for ballet class can come from unexpected sources. Pianists playing for ballet classes are forever looking for new music pieces, for variety of repertory as well as meeting classroom needs, so any source, unexpected or otherwise, is great to know about.

In a ballet class I was playing for, the instructor was marking the dancers through an across-the-floor exercise set to a waltz meter. As she was demonstrating, she was emphasizing the beats as follows: AND A one, AND A two, AND A three; the two beats preceding the downbeat were more pronounced.

Well, I’m not sure why, but a song that was a big hit for Dean Martin suddenly came to mind: “That’s Amore!”. If you’re familiar with the song, perhaps you’ll see the logic: WHEN THE moon, HITS YOUR eye, LIKE A big, PIZZA pie, and so on.

Fortunately, it seemed to work pretty well, so if you’re a ballet pianist, perhaps it’s a good piece for your repertory. And if you can sing it like Dean Martin, by all means.