Ballet Class Music: Alternative uses for selections

Hello, I’m Robert Long, ballet pianist, I have created three albums of piano music for ballet class. I would like to discuss alternative uses for some of my music selections, as I think this could be of use especially for download purchasers, who won’t have the benefit of album liner notes as a guide.

I would like to start with some examples today, from my most recent album, “Ballet Class Music: Etudes Volume 3”. The very first track, “Warm-Up” is a tango, and many ballet teachers like to use tangos for Battements Fondus. Track 8 is listed as “Battements Frappes and Petits Battements”, but can also be used for Serres and pirouettes at the barre. Track 16 is entitled “2nd Pirouettes”. The music from this track would be equally useable for Balances or Pas de Valse.

That’s just three examples for starters. You can listen to samples for all selections of this album (and see the notes and suggestions) at: Etudes Volume 3: listen! Thanks!

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